The Waterbury Button Company 200th Anniversary Coin (Gold Finish)

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D 1 7/8"


The "Waterbury Button Company", a division of OGS Technologies, Inc. is offering its Challenge Coin celebrating their 200th year in business as a maker of buttons. Founded in 1812, the company is the oldest company in the Unites States, in continuous business, still manufacturing its original products.


The birth of the company began with the "War of 1812" when the United States declared war on Britain. No longer able to get uniform buttons from Britain, the company began making buttons for the United States armed forces.

When the "Civil War" broke out, the company became involved again, manufacturing buttons for both sides of the conflict. The Union Forces bought direct; the Confederate Forces dealt through British intermediaries. The image on the coin shows the eagle clutching a Union and a Confederate button.


On April 15, 1912, one of the deadliest disasters in history occurred: The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank, killing 1,502 of its passengers. Waterbury Button Company was a part of infamous history, as the company supplied the buttons worn on the uniforms of Captain Smith and his crew as they met their fate.

By then, the company was already 100-years old.

Today, the company continues to supply uniform buttons for all our Armed Forces all over the world, in addition to Fashion Lines like Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and the like.


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